Exploring the Universe – Tales from No Man’s Sky (Part 6)

In this installment, I start out my career as a frigate commander and start to uncover some of the mysteries of the universe.

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A couple of weekends ago I competed in my first proper Taekwondo sparring match as part of the National/Oceania Championship. I walked away very happy with how I did (even managing to earn a gold medal for my efforts), there are things I’d like to improve on and keep in mind for next time. So I’m writing this post so I have something to look back on in the future.

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Exploring the Universe – Tales from No Man’s Sky (Part 1)

The NEXT update launches today for No Man’s Sky, and while the shadow of the launch debacle still hangs over it’s head, the game seems to be getting closer to what I’d want out of it. The game went on sale as the update was rolled out, so I picked it up and decided to give it a go. Seems like the perfect game to sink some time into while I’m sick.

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Gracias Cristiano

The Santiago Bernabéu was filled to the brim on July 7th 2009, just over 80,000 people came to the stadium to watch Cristiano Ronaldo pull on the white jersey of Real Madrid for the first time. Madrid had paid €94 million to bring him to the Spanish capital, and fans were doubting if he could live up to the expectations which come with being the most expensive player in history. He played what turned out to be his final game for Real Madrid on 26th May 2018, and there isn’t a football fan alive that doubts whether or not he was worth the money.

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Life Remains Strange

As I sat and played through The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (Dontnod’s newest game) the other night, my mind kept wandering back to Life is Strange. There are certainly many similarities between the two to encourage that comparison. It occurred to me that I’ve never actually written about this game that I was so enamored by last year, so here it goes.

(Spoilers for Life is Strange, obviously)

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